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About us

The story behind the brand babyLivia started when Livia first was introduced to porridge. Livia was always full and satisfied although half of the porridge disappeared down the small double chin, leading to a pyjama
that had to be changed once again before bedtime. Imagine if there was a bib with a high neck to stop the spilled porridge? The idea had to be tested, and the next day dad took the matter in his own
hands and purchased materials from the local textile shop. After a few hours fumbling on the sewing machine,
the first prototype was ready and succesfuly tested.

babyLivia is a family business consisting of a mother that loves design, a dad who loves practical solutions and of course baby Livia. Together we have created the babyLivia brand to make everyday life for
parents a little easier. Our products are designed and developed with emphasis on high quality, design and functionality.

Today we are distributed in Scandinavia, Europe and Asia, and growing fast as an international brand.

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